"The bitter-sweet life of Alexander Petrovich" /Mokrousovo/

"The bitter-sweet life of Alexander Petrovich" /Mokrousovo/

____ Alexander Petrovich is a kind-hearted man!
Lives near the town of Topki in the village of Mokrousovo, surrounded by fields and a birch forest.

____ It was he who introduced us to the Topka cabinetmakers Suvorov, about whom I wrote a post at the end of the summer. The very same acquaintance with Alexander Petrovich happened quite by accident. Grandpa was sitting on a bench near the house, talking sweetly with a woman. When he saw us, he asked him to take a picture, a conversation began about photography and interest in unusual people. He introduced himself and willingly agreed to give us a lift to the miracle masters.

____ Already being in the Suvorovs' workshop, my friend and I learned that Alexander Petrovich himself is not an easy person. He has been working in beekeeping for over fifty years. I came to the first apiary right after the army. At that time, beekeeping was dawn in Kuzbass. Each collective farm had five or six beekeepers. Rumor has it that some communes gave even more honey than bread. As Alexander Petrovich himself says, an ulcer that played out led him to the bees. Seeing his torment, his brother advised him to enter a school where they teach beekeepers. From that time on, there was no trace of the ulcer. Health has increased significantly. In his years, close to eighty, Alexander Petrovich is not only engaged in honey farming at full power, but also while away his days alone, doing household chores, driving old Zhiguli and generally feeling pretty good!

____ To say that this person surprised us with hospitality is to say nothing. Not only did he deliver to the apiary, he also conducted an exciting excursion, after which he talked about his life for a long time over a cup of tea with fragrant honey. I even tried to drink mead. He offered to heat the bathhouse, briskly played the accordion, poured a jar of honey and spread it from the frames of the honeycomb with him into the hotel.
I don’t know how anyone, but such dedication to my work always admires me! After all, he could have moved to the city for a long time, where there is no need to heat the stove, or throw away the snow twice a day. And it's easier to find a girlfriend for life in the city. It's hard for one. And he does not abandon his apiary. Although he complains that no one needs honey for a long time. Yes, we were convinced of this ourselves when we saw full flasks of candied honey good in his bachelor apartment.

_____ But that's not what worries him most. Alexander Petrovich lacks simple human communication. And what kind of bride will now go to a seedy village to live out the century ?! Who needs such a hectic economy in old age ?! There are no fools today. Therefore, Alexander Petrovich has no choice but to be content with the reciprocal sympathy of such bees, beloved for a long time, and sincerely meet unexpected guests in his honey kingdom.